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The Self-Supporting Door Operator 

SLIDEDOOR Drive TSP – the self-supporting sliding door operator for automated pedestrian traffic. Perfect for glass facades. Applications in the trade and service area are its speciality: the TSP operator has proven its reliability over and over in shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels etc. The tremendous variety of functions, the elegant, very quiet motion control – and likewise its comfortable operation via TORMAX control panel – will always fascinate you.
Standard Functions
Automatic registration of system-specific data for constant motion sequence
Permanent operating diagnosis
Recognition of obstacles in closing and opening direction with safety hold-open time and sensing run
Automatic opening enlargement on people cross traffic
Winter opening with reduced hold-open time

TÜV approved
CE conformity
Low tension guiding rules: EN 60335
Manufactured according to ISO 9001
TORMAX control panel
– with operating modes: OFF, AUTORED (winter), AUTO (summer), EXIT, OPEN
– Parameterised settings for: opening and closing speed, hold-open time (individually selectable for full and reduced opening), winter opening
– Reset and free-wheeling functions
– Fault-diagnosis display
– Code lock
Control panel lock with cylinder
Emergency opening facility with rubber spring or battery module
Key switch, impulse, presence or safety sensors for 24 V DC
Emergency-off switch
2 monitored safety light beams
Interface for connection to a building management system via TORMAX UNICOM
Independent network with TORMAX UNINET for control and monitoring of your door operators
I/O modules for direct control and monitoring of the system
Electromagnetic lock with position monitoring and manual disengagement inside and outside
Night-duty lock

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TORMAX er en division af et registreret varemærke af Landert Motoren AG.
TORMAX fremstiller og forhandler automatiske døre, lufttæpper, port automatik og bomanlæg.